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Hi there…

Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you want to know me more.

I am Pratibha Goenka, currently an MBA student at MDI, Gurgaon. While normally my life is surrounded by management books, my alter ego is a traveller who loves adventure and exploring the local culture. I was born and brought up in a small town in West Bengal and never had an exposure to traveling. Growing up, I went to very few places during vacations but I did always dream of traveling the world. When I moved to Kolkata for my graduation, I realised it was time to change my dream into reality. After a lot of struggle, I successfully convinced my parents to let me take a year break to travel after graduation. And that year made all the difference in my life!

How did the year gap materialize?

My year gap started with quite a “bold” step – I travelled to Egypt for 45 days, solo! Now why I call it bold, you may ask? My answer – I am an Indian, Marwari, girl belonging to a small town and quite a conservative family.

While Egypt not just changed my life forever, it also helped me gain my parent’s confidence about solo travel. After Egypt, I made several trips across Kerala, Pondicherry, Andamans, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Goa and Gokarna, Bhutan, North Bengal, and Maharashtra within one year. Eventually, I started travel blogging, freelancing and writing for publications. I started learning some of the nuances of photography and post processing and picked up interest in telling stories through photographs. And that’s where the idea of this blog was born!

As I travelled across places, it’s the myriad experiences that I still reflect upon each day and appreciate. From scuba diving in the abundant waters of Red Sea to hot air ballooning over the ancient temples of Egypt, from trekking in the deep forests of Andamans to rafting in the crazy waters of the Tista River, from trekking up the dreamy Tiger Nest in Bhutan to kicking off the adrenaline rush in jeep safaris of Kerala, I have done it all. But it doesn’t end there and my propensity for new experiences is ever growing and so is my bucket list.     

What has traveling taught me?

Traveling made me a more passionate individual who has a hobby which is serious – traveling. It taught me to live in the moment and appreciate change. I learnt to live out of my comfort zone every time I was on the roads. I had great interactions with locals all across my travels which not just gave me a different perspective towards life but also broadened my horizon to think. It helped me define what exactly I want from my life and how to strive for it with compassion and grit. And seriously, the list of things that traveling has taught me just goes on and on!

I hope this blog proves to be of as much help as possible for you. For any query on any place, you can drop me a mail at    

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